Right Now Video Portfolio Template

Experience the New and Impressive touch to HTML5 and CSS3 Right Now !
Draw the Screen to Navigate. Leave behind the “Modal Boxes” and ski among your images and video files, enjoy with your audio player…
It is Enhanced with AJAX, Seamless and Fastest experience.

WordPress Theme Version Available Now!

video wordpress themes

Special features

  • Enhanced with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Maximum audio control with Advanced Playlist
  • Ajax Load function with Next and Previous feature
  • Fresh looking Scroll Bar
  • With “No more Modal Window”, you can surf amongst the visual contents
  • “Draw the screen” makes navigating easier with sensible mouse movements
  • Adaptive layout for IPhone, Ipad and Android devices
  • One line replacement is enough to change your whole colors and font types with “CSS as a Toy”
  • Contact form validation
  • Deeplink Support
  • Portfolio filter
  • Google map
  • Button and special elements support
  • PSD files

Draw the Screen
Don’t search for the buttons, just “Draw the Screen” and navigate your visual contents easily and with pleasure Just draw left to right, or top to bottom, thats enough. Do you want full screen mode ? So draw a line to the top…

No more Modal Window
Did you get bored with “Modal Windows” ? Enlarge your visual contents with a single click and you will be able to swim in your content.

CSS as a Toy
One line replacement is enough to change your whole colors and font types. And It doesn’t need a server side script also.

Advanced Playlist
Winamp style playlist allows you to make your playlist.. Stop, start, loop and seek.. Adjust the volume.. You have full control over it. And it is not Flash !

Mobile Browsers
With its new update, Right Now is much more compatible, faster and seamless on mobile devices such as Ipad, Iphone or Android.

Why have we disabled video backgrounds for mobile browsers ?: Because mobile browsers don’t support playing video files on background. Video contents in mobile browsers block our controller objects and they become inactive (except Android 3.1).


Bought both their themes, great work, I have just the job lined up for thhis one! Thanks guys / Ron Gillen


The music and Images are not included with the item. However you can purchase it from brandtz

Keep in contact for new updates !

Updated / 28 May 2012

+ Mobile browser Background Video problems
+ Image pattern was disappearing in some cases
+ Scrollbar was moving to top unexpectedly
+ Long Submenus was blocking some elements
+ Form Sender problems

+ Bg image stretching is now optional
+ Video backgrounds can be started as paused (optional)
+ Warning message for ie7
+ 404 page is added
+ Color picker is now optional (like our demo site)

Updated / 17.02.2012

  • Ipad, Iphone, Android Mobile Improvements: Mobile browsers are much more compatible, faster and seampless without background videos. (Background videos blocked in mobile browsers)
  • Background Video Mute Feature: Now, you can mute your background videos’ sound
  • BG Loop Feature: You can choose, stop when the background chain is finished
  • Contact Form bug fixed
  • Normal fade animation added
  • Front page bug fixed

Image, video, sound etc. files that were used in preview are not included in download file. All audio that used in galleries as an example from brandtz used with his permission. I am appreciated for his help. Download package does not include audio files. To purchase these files, please visit the producer’s page.